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2 Popular Japanese Onsen Bath Salt Products

      In my previous entry, Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands, I mentioned that most Japanese people take a bath every night before sleeping. People in Japan take a bath all year round, but when winter comes, it's the best time to enjoy Japanese hot springs, which are called onsen (温泉) in Japan.

      In Japan, onsen bath salt which includes specific hot spring agents is popular as Japanese traditional year-end gifts, which is called oseibo (お歳暮). Indeed, I often found large boxes of onsen bath salt at my parents' home because some of our relatives sent them as Japanese traditional year-end gifts. Even when you don't have time to go to natural hot springs, you can choose your favorite Japanese hot spring every night and enjoy onsen-like hot bath at home. You will feel like as if you were soaking in your favorite natural hot spring.

    Today, I'm going to share two best Japanese onsen bath salt with you. You can find these onsen bath salt products at drugstores in Japan. The larger boxes of onsen bath salt for Japanese traditional year-end gifts can be found at department stores in Japan. (Some supermarkets in Japan also sell onsen bath salt gift sets around this time of year.)

1. Tabinoyado by Kracie (旅の宿 by クラシエ)
       Tabinoyado, Tabino Yado (旅の宿) is one of bath salt brands of Kracie and was first released in Japan in 1986. According to Kracie, over 2480 million packs of Tabinoyado have been sold so far. 
Tabinoyado Moist (Green Box) : Yuzawa Onsen (湯沢温泉), Arima Onsen (有馬温泉), Dogo Onsen (道後温泉) and Yufuin Onsen (湯布院温泉)

Tabinoyado Nigoriyu (Orange Box) : Towada Onsen (十和田温泉), Okuhida Onsen (奥飛騨温泉), Shirahone Onsen (白骨温泉) and Kirishima Onsen (霧島温泉)

Tabinoyado Series Pack (Pink Box) : Noboribetsu Onsen (登別温泉), Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉), Hakone Onsen (箱根温泉) and Shirahama Onsen (白浜温泉) and Beppu Onsen (別府温泉)

      The interesting pictures on the packages were drawn by Yasuhiko Kida (木田安彦), a woodblock artist from Kyoto. He visited each Japanese hot spring and made these unique prints for Tabinoyado. When you place the packages in a certain order, you will notice that it's actually one large picture!

    This large Tabinoyado box has 94 packs of 10 kinds of onsen bath salt.
Set of 94 Packs of Tabinoyado

2. Nihon No Meito by Bathclin (日本の名湯 by バスクリン)
Nihon No Meito
       Nihon No Meito (日本の名湯) is one of bath salt brands of Bathclin. It was first released in Japan in 1986. The company developed Nihon No Meito together with 13 Japanese onsen organizations in order to reproduce natural hot springs faithfully. The logo (日本の名湯) was written by Soun Takeda, a Japanese calligrapher.

Nihon No Meito

Noboribetsu Karurusu Onsen (登別 カルルス温泉)
Nihon No Meito Noboribetsu Karurusu Onsen

Nyuto Onsen (乳頭温泉)
Nihon No Meito Nyuto Onsen

Yamashiro Onsen (山代温泉)
Nihon No Meito Yamashiro Onsen

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