Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Last Day of My Everyday Blogging - It's the 6th Anniversary!

     I've updated my blog every day since November 22 in 2011, so today is the 6th anniversary of my everyday blog!
      As I announced my decision about my everyday blog last month, I've finally finished my everyday blog today.  :) When I started my blog, I didn't expect that I would continue my everyday blog for such a long time! (At first, my goal was continuing my everyday blog for at least a year.)

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     Starting tomorrow, I will update my blog when I want to share something with you. :)

What I Will Write About on My Blog
     Actually, I will keep writing diverse themes on my blog just like I have done in the past six years.

    Some readers left comments that they traveled Japan and purchased a lot of Japanese beauty products which I mentioned in my beauty entries. I am very glad that my Japanese beauty entries help some people who visit Japan. :) Actually, when I make Japanese shopping lists, I read back my entries and decide which ones I want to buy in Japan. My blog helps me as well. :) I'll continue to write about Japanese beauty products to discover excellent products of Japan some times.

   I also received comments that some people cooked Japanese foods according to my cooking entries. When I cook something, I also check recipe from my cooking entry. These days, I've been using my Pinterest to find my cooking entries easier. Yesterday, I thought that I want to cook local cuisine of Southern Fukuoka, which is my hometown, next time. When I was a child, my grandmother used to cook some local dishes, and I loved her homemade foods. I'll write about those recipes in my cooking entries.

    I will also write what I want to remember such as traveling which you might not be interested in. When I lived in Japan, my husband and I traveled a lot, but after years and years, we forgot where we visited. For instance, we loved skiing during winter in Japan. I remember that we often visited Biwako Valley for enjoying skiing in Shiga prefecture because it only took us two hours from our previous home in Osaka to Biwako Valley. We also visited some other places for skiing, but we forgot where we've gone. I asked him, " We also went to Gifu prefecture and enjoyed skiing. Haven't we gone to Nagano prefecture for skiing? " He said to me, "I don't remember about it at all. I think we didn't go to Nagano nor Gifu for skiing." He totally forgot about it even though he really loved skiing in Japan! We also enjoyed clam digging in Japan a few times, but we both forgot which prefecture we visited for it. We just remember that we could harvest a plenty of clams at a beach. The biggest reason why I want to keep my blogging is that it's very easy to remember where we visited and what I thought with checking my blog. :)      

         Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

(Thank you for reading this entry!)

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