Thursday, November 16, 2017

Online Shopping Tip - How Much Have I Received with Using Ebates, TopCashback and Ibotta?

       When I purchase something online, I always compare Ebates, TopCashback and Ibotta, and I use whichever higher cashback offers.

       Today, I decided to purchase some items from Macy's. Before placing my order, I quickly checked Ebates, TopCashback and Ibotta. Today, Ebate was offering 3% cashback from Macy's purchase, and TopCashback was offering 8% cashback from it. Ibotta wasn't offering any cashback for Macy's purchase. Thus, I decided to purchase my items through Topcashback. I clicked the Macy's link which listed on TopCashback. Then I placed my order. I'll earn 8% cashback from today's purchase.  :)

      It's been years, since I used online shopping portal sites such as Ebates, and I really love them. It’s always worth taking the extra seconds to sign in and click through for my online shopping. It's because I've received cashback from my online shopping indeed.

      Using online shopping portals have been getting more and more popular, and I think many of my readers have already used those to get extra cashback. If you haven't used any shopping portals, you might want to try it for this holiday shopping.  Today, I'm going to share with you how much money I've received from Ebates, TopCashback and Ibotta.

How Much Have I Received with Using Shopping Portal Sites?

1. Ebates
      Ebates is a company that gives you cash back if you click through the links of the store which listed on I have been an Ebates member since 2011 and received over $540 of cash-back in total from Ebates so far. That's a quite bit money. ;)
How Ebates Works

    This is my entry about Ebates.
◆ My Experience with

     If you are interested in Ebates, this is my invite link. (Ebates is currently offering $10 cash bonus to anyone who becomes a new member and shops through Ebates.)

2. TopCashback
      I also signed up Topcashback to get cash back from my online purchases last summer. Topcashback is another portal site and works just like Ebates. From my experiences, Topcashback wins most of times. That's why since last summer, I've used TopCashback on most of my online shopping. Indeed, I've already received about $413 cashback in total from my online shopping since I signed it up (It's just for 17 months!).
      If you are interested in TopCashback, this is my TopCashback referral link.

3. Ibotta
     I signed up Ibotta App about two years ago, and I've mostly used Ibotta for my in-store grocery shopping. They used to be just a cashback App for in-store purchase such as purchases from grocery stores, wholesale stores and pharmacies, but Ibotta started offering mobile shopping cashback includes Uber. I've used Ibotta for Uber, Ebay and Groupon purchases so far.  I received $158 cashback, which includes in-store purchase though, so far. If you purchase alcohol in-stores or restaurants, you will earn cashback faster than I do. Their alcohol rebates are the best, but I don't drink alcohol. ;) 
How Ibotta Mboile Shopping App Works
       If you are interested in Ibotta and haven't sign it up, you can use my referral code ( lvbdlmm ), so you can get $10 cashback with the code and I can get $5 cashback.
How to Use Ibotta

    If you are interested in these, these are my referred links.

   ■My Ebates referral link (Ebates is currently offering $10 cash bonus to anyone who becomes a new member.)

   ■My Topcashback referral link

   ■My Ibotta App referral link (Ibotta is currently offering $10 sing up bonus with the referral code, lvbdlmm.)

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