Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Popular Japanese Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask

      As I mentioned in my previous entry, Shiseido Tsubaki - the Most Popular Japanese Shampoo, I think that the most well known Japanese shampoo outside Japan is Shiseido Tsubaki. If you love Japanese hair care products, I guess that you have perhaps tried Shiseido Tsubaki product already. I also love Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Water, and I've noticed that it does prevent split ends. :) 

      Shiseido released new deep conditioning hair mask, Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask, in Japan this fall, and it is already highly-rated on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a Japanese cosmetic review site! 

Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask

      According to Shiseido, Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask has already won three beauty awards from Japanese beauty magazines, Voce and Maquia, and online shopping site, Rakuten.

     Usually, you should leave your regular deep conditioning hair mask on for three minutes or so until it permeates well. If you are very busy, you want to skip hair mask, but your hair is damaged and you might think you need to go to hair salon and should get a special hair care.

  However, with using Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask, you don't have to wait any second. Right after applying it on your hair, you can rinse it. It repairs hair damage and moisturizes your hair well.    
Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask

・After shampooing and conditioning hair, remove excess water. Then, apply Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask on your hair, and rinse it thoroughly.
・Use 1 to 2 times a week
      It contains pearl protein and amino acid which repair hair damage. Royal jelly and glycerine moisturize your hair, and tsubaki oil makes your hair shiny and beautiful.

      Many Japanese people review that it really improves hair texture and makes your hair beautiful as if you had hair done at hair salon!

      You can find Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask at most drugstores in Japan. If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should check out this new Shiseido Tsubaki deep conditioning hair mask there. :)

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