Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Japanese Cleansing Oil - My Wish List - in Japan

I have been using Kose Sofymo Deep Cleansing Oil for many years. When I was in Japan, those were selling at an inexpensive price at any drug store. I used to buy them around $4 in Japan. In the U.S., you can buy it for $11.48 on Amazon.  (The prices on Amazon may change time to time.)
 It says it can let the stubborn pore cloggers to slip loosely from your tight pores. It doesn't remove the stubborn pore cloggers perfectly, but it works. I'm satisfied with it. It removes all my makeup including heavy mascara and what I liked was that it didn't need cotton at all. Just use your finger. It gently removes your makeup. Most Japanese oil makeup removers are used by this method.
Here is how to use it.
Dispense into dry hands, then massage dry face to dissolve makeup (don't apply it on wet face). Then, rinse thoroughly. After that, you don't need additional face wash. Just moisture your face as usual skin care.

I also tried Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil in Japan. It says it can remove dead skin cell with remaining melanin. It worked just as same as Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil. I bought it around $4 at drug stores in Japan as well. But it is $11.99 on Amazon.

These have refill products. In Japan, these kind of refill are found any type of products such as shampoo, dish washer, laundry detergent and even soy sauce. They are more inexpensive and environmental friendly. These Kose Testymo Cleansing Oil refill sell for $8.54 on Amazon.


 I also tried DHC Deep Cleansing Oil before. It actually worked slightly better than Kose. But, it is expensive for me. I bought it around $20 in Japan. You can buy it for $25.99 on Amazon.

I've tried many other oil makeup removers. I also tried Neutrogena Oile-Free Eye Makeup Remover but I wasn't satisfied with it. My best makeup remover was Kose Testymo Cleansing Oil. It worked well and was very inexpensive.

When I visit Japan at the end of this year, I will buy some to stock up. And also if I found new other products which I would be interested in, I'd like to get them. :)

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