Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6 Japanese Products Loved by Foreign Tourists in Japan

     Number of tourists visiting Japan has been significantly increasing these years. Last month, I watched Japanese TV news about the number of foreign tourists in Japan. In July this year, 2,682,000 people visited Japan.  It increased over 380,000 people from the same month last year. In my honest opinion, July and August are not the best season to visit Japan because it is extremely humidity and hot in summer. However, you can enjoy fireworks and local festivals in summer there. In addition, if you are a girl, summer might be the best season to get Japanese sunscreen. During spring and summer, most drugstores have a wide selections of sunscreen products. However, during winter, it's a little harder to find sunscreen products at small drugstores. In my opinion, the best season to visit Japan is fall and spring. I recommend you to visit Japan in November for beautiful autumn leaves and spring for cherry blossoms.

    Anyway, the Japanese news said that most foreign tourists at Don Quijote, which is also called Donki and one of the biggest Japanese discount chain stores, have been purchasing Kitkat Matcha Flavor. Is that true? I've sometimes heard that KitKat matcha is very popular, and I also like it, but they said Most foreign people at the store buy ones. If you have ever visited Japan, could you tell me if you bought KitKat matcha there?
KitKat Matcha キットカット抹茶 オトナの甘さ

KitKat Koi Matcha キットカット濃い抹茶

      According to the Japanese news, other popular Japanese snacks for foreign visitors are Umaibo and Japanese rice crackers. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Umaibo is one of my favorite Japanese snacks. Umaibo has so many flavors you can choose from, and my favorite one is Natto flavor! If you love natto, you might love Umaibo Natto as well. Umaibo is incredibly affordable. It's only 10yen each!
Umaibo うまい棒

      For Japanese rice crackers, Kameda Seika is the most famous manufacturer of rice crackers in Japan. I also love their Age Ichiban (揚げ一番). It has sweet and salty soy sauce flavor.
Age Ichiban 揚げ一番

      I've read an article from another Japanese news about a story of a Chinese woman. She purchased 30 cans of tuna in Japan. She said Japanese canned fish is really good especially canned tuna, which is called sea chicken (シーチキン) in Japan. She enjoys the tuna with steamed rice. I also like Japanese tuna and mix it with Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and Daisho Aji Shio Kosho.
Hagoromo Sea Chicken はごろも シーチキン

       The woman also purchased ReFa, high-end beauty rollers. I mentioned about this product in my previous entry, 7 Best Japanese Beauty Products 2016 Hall of Fame.

      The reason why she loves Japanese products is that she was impressed at Sante FX, Japanese eye drops she first purchased online three years ago. She was really surprised at how refreshing the Japanese eye drops were! Since then, she has been really into Japanese products and have been visiting Japan to purchase a lot of those. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 8 Most Intense Japanese Eye Drops - Extremely Super Cooling Sensation!, some of Japanese eye drops give your eyes extremely cooling sensation. Personally, I am not a big fan of intense ones because those really scare me the moment I drop the eye drops in my eye, but some people really love the extreme ones because those are super refreshing.
Sante FX


        What have you purchased in Japan?   What are your favorite Japanese products?

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  1. Foreign resident of Japan, and YES, I always buy matcha KitKat! Then again, I will buy anything matcha. The Don Quijotes I've visited always put all the matcha products together, making it easier to find something delicious to try!

    1. Wow, that news was true! Thank you for your comment!