Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Automatic Miso Soup Maker - Marukome One Shot Kiwami

     If you drink a cup of coffee every morning, you might have an automatic coffee maker in your kitchen, or if you are an avid coffee drinker, you might brew cups of coffee in your office.

     Have you ever seen an automatic miso soup maker?
Marukome One Shot Kiwami
       Marukome (マルコメ), a Japanese miso soup paste producer, released Marukome One Shot Kiwami (マルコメ 椀ショット 極) , an automatic miso soup maker, in 2014. It's gradually become popular in Japan, and it's now one of the most talked about topics on twitter!  
Marukome One Shot Kiwami
     You can use their affordable Marukome Liquid Miso, which can be purchased at most supermarkets in Japan, with this automatic miso soup maker. Some people review that the ingredients for a cup of miso soup cost only 10 yen, so it's more reasonable than regular instant miso soup. You can make 25 servings of miso soup with one bottle of Marukome Liquid Miso.  
Marukome Liquid Miso
       Some people say that they also placed this automatic miso soup maker in their small office, so employees can enjoy hot miso soup during lunch time. They review that compared to instant miso soup, they can also reduce trash by using this miso soup maker.
Marukome One Shot Kiwami

How to Used Marukome One Shot Kiwami

        Miso soup is very nutritious food which has high in protein and vitamins, so you might want to have miso soup every day. :)   Do you want to try this Japanese automatic miso soup maker?

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