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How to Use Awa Hour, the Best Japanese Beauty Gadget to Lather Up Your Facial Wash

Awa Hour
     Most Japanese women believe that washing your face with plenty of lather is the most important tip for healthy skin. I used to use a Japanese foaming net for so many years, but I finally purchased this new beauty gadget, Awa Hour, which was released in Japan in 2014 and has a great number of positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site. You can check my previous entries, 3 Best Japanese Beauty Gadgets to Lather Up Your Facial Wash and 3 Reasons Why I Love Awa Hour, the Best Japanese Beauty Gadget! 
Awa Hour

      Today, I'm going to share how to use Awa Hour with you. :)
Awa Hour
What You'll Need
Awa Hour
Your Favorite Facial Cleanser (You can use any types of facial cleanser such as liquid, bar, paste and powder.)

1. Put a small amount of water into the cup. The amount of water depends on your preference. If you love thick dense foam, one teaspoon (5ml) of water is just enough.
Awa Hour

2. Put your favorite facial cleanser into the cup or onto the plate.
Rosette Pasta
    If you are going to use bar soap, rub it against the plate.
Deitanseki Charcoal Soap

3. Cover the lid. Hold it with fingers. 
Awa Hour

Start pumping the stick up and down.  Initially, quickly pump it little by little. 
Awa Hour

    Then, when you feel the foam becomes thicker, start pumping it up and down for 10 to 30 seconds vigorously.
Awa Hour

Awa Hour
Awa Hour

4. Remove the lid. Plenty of fine-dense lather is ready!
Awa Hour

5. Wash your face with plenty of thick dense lather. The foam is very thick, so you don't need to rub your skin. The thick dense lather should be between your fingers and facial skin. (It's like a cushion between these.) Gently massage onto thick lather over your skin in circular motions. Ideally, your fingers don't touch your facial skin while washing. Micro-fine dense lather reaches deep into pores and removes dirt and oil. Then, rinse it off thoroughly.

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