Saturday, July 15, 2017

Unko Kanji Drill - Fun Kanji Workbook for Children

Unko Kanji Drill
       Unko Kanji Drill (うんこ 漢字ドリル) has been very popular workbooks for children in Japan since it was released in March this year. It has already sold over two million copies! If you are learning Japanese, you perhaps know what unko is. Most children don't like learning kanji, but they are incredibly excited about studying with these kanji workbooks.   
Unko Kanji Drill for the First Grade
     Unko Kanji Drill is a kanji workbook. All sentences in this workbook includes the word "unko" (うんこ), which means poop.
Unko Kanji Drill
These are example sentences from Unko Kanji Drill.

1. That man took poop in his hand and faced a challenge.

2. International TV News reporter came to cover my poop.

3. I write down "Poop" 100 times.

1. Let's pick up beautiful flowers and decorate the poop with them.

2. For the next class, take poop and get together in the science room.   

3. If you concentrate, you can poop in 10 seconds.

      Now, you know how fun Unko Kanji Drill is! :) 
Unko Kanji Drill
       If you are learning Japanese as a second language, you know how hard it is to memorize numerous kanji. Do you think it is good for adult Japanese learners as well?   I don't think so.  Maybe, it's only for children. Children love this fun workbook!

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