Friday, July 28, 2017

Funny Video in Gyarugo - Omusubi Koroin - Japanese Fairy Tale

     Gyaru (ギャル) is Japanese young women. Gyaruo (ギャル男) is Japanese young men who love men's gyaru fashion. Some gyaru people in Tokyo make new words, which are sometimes called gyarugo (ギャル語), gyaru language.

      If you are learning Japanese, I don't recommend to use gyarugo because it's extremely casual, and it can be only understood by some gyaru people, so most Japanese people don't know the meaning of the words they use. When I found this YouTube video, which is Omusubi Kororin in Gyarugo, I thought it's so funny! Omusubi kororin is one of famous Japanese fairy tales. Yet, I couldn't understand most of gyarugo in this video. It was like foreign language to me, but it has Japanese subtitles, and I learned some new words from this video.

     If you want to learn Japanese language from Japanese fairy tale, you can watch this video. This is also Omusubi Kororin (おむすび ころりん) but it is in regular Japanese language. :) By the way, omusubi (おむすび) means rice balls. Kororin (ころりん) is Japanese onomatopoeia and means rolling. It's a famous Japanese fairy tale, and I believe that most Japanese people know the story of Omusubi Kororin.

     This video is Omusubi Kororin in English.

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