Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Best Keshosui, Muji Light Toning Water

     I have been using keshosui (化粧水), Japanese lotion, since I was a teen. I've tried many types of keshosui so far, and my most favorite one is Muji Light Toning Water! I think that I've used up more than 10 bottles of Muji Light Toning Water already.
Muji Light Toning Water Moisture, Muji Keshosui

     I've sometimes mentioned that Muji Toning Water is one of the most popular keshosui in Japan, and it is one of their best-selling products indeed.

     However, when I discovered my favorite Muji keshosui over a decade ago, there was no review site in Japan. Once in a long while, I just found that some beauty magazines mentioned this one, but many Japanese women didn't know that Muji Toning Water was pretty good back then. I remember that when I went to Muji store in Japan about 10 years ago, I was about to purchase Muji keshosui. A lovely high school couple walked into the store, and I over heard that the girl talking to her boyfriend, "Why is Muji selling beauty products? They are not a cosmetic company. I don't think their beauty products are good." Because Muji sells many diverse foods, households, stationary, clothing, kitchen appliance, furniture, and so on with reasonable prices, I understood what the girl said, but I said to myself, "She just didn't know some of Muji beauty products are hidden gems!"  Because I love Muji products, I sometimes tried some of their beauty products in Japan. In my experience, not all Muji products are excellent. Frankly, some of them were just good or okay. However, I found that their Muji Light Toning Water and Muji Mild Scrub Face Wash worked well! After years, many people started using Internet on a daily basis, and a great number of people have been reviewing on Muji beauty products, and now many Japanese women know that Muji keshosui is one of the best beauty products in Japan!

      One of the reasons why people love their keshosui is that it's very affordable (400ml for 980yen), so you can apply plenty of Muji keshosui at a time. Indeed, many Japanese beauty magazines say that using plenty of affordable keshosui is better than using a small amount of high-end keshosui. 

      Muji beauty products can be purchased at Muji branch or Family Mart convenience stores in Japan.  If you are interested in Muji beauty products, you will be probably confused which one you should choose because Muji has many skin care lines. I'll write about it next time. :)

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