Monday, July 3, 2017

4 Kawaii Daiso Kitchen Gadgets

     As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, my husband and I went to our local Daiso located in the U.S.  Yesterday, I also checked some kitchen gadgets there because I became interested in some Daiso products which some Japanese celebrities sharing through their blogs. When I go to Daiso, I am always surprised at how cute and interesting their products are! I used to think Daiso products are very cheap, but their products have been improving year after year. :)

     Today, I'm going to share with you four kawaii Daiso kitchen gadgets I found at my local Daiso.

1. Food Picks
Fuji and Ninja Food Picks
      Compared to regular toothpicks, these food picks are so adorable! I saw these food picks in some Japanese people's blogs. These Ninja food picks are perfect with boy's bento box!

Shuriken and Japanese Kanzashi Style Food Picks

      If you are in Japan, I think you can find more of kawaii food picks!
Daiso Fork Food Picks

2. Sauce Tubes for Bento Box
       If you purchase a bento box such as makunouchi (幕の内弁当) in Japan, there is a small sauce tube which contains soy sauce or tonkatsu sauce in your bento box. A regular sauce tube for a bento box is fish shape or rectangle shape, these Daiso sauce tube are a traditional Japanese sauce bottle design!    

3. Nori Punch
Smile Nori Punch
      Decoben (デコベン), decorative bento, has been popular in Japan for over a decade. These nori punches are very useful to cut nori in kawaii shapes for decoben! You can decorate kawaii nori on your rice balls.
Nori Punch

4. Toast Deco Stamps
Tost Deco Stamp Delicious!
     These are toast stamps to make an adorable toast. Just stamp it on your sliced bread, and toast it. I also mentioned these products in my previous entry, 8 Interesting Japanese Kitchen Gadgets!

Toast DecoStamps

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