Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sushi Boy

      Sushi is my most favorite Japanese food. Last night, I got the urge to have sushi for dinner, so my husband and I went to our local Sushi Boy, a Japanese sushi restaurant. At the entrance of this restaurant, there was a notice of August special menus on the wall. Their Kobe special, which is a 15-piece sushi and miso soup, was on sale for $8.95! 

        We decided to have Kobe special. :)
Sushi Boy Kobe with Miso Soup

       It's hard to find a good sushi restaurant in my local area, but their sushi is always pretty good by my Japanese standards. Sushi Boy is the branch of a famous Japanese sushi restaurant in Japan, Kozosushi (小僧寿し), so they keep making sushi which Japanese people like. One of my local Sushi Boy branches has completely closed recently, so I hope they will survive in a competitive restaurant business here. 
Sushi Boy Kobe, a 15-piece sushi
       They will have special sale next week! 50% off is a huge discount!


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