Sunday, August 9, 2015

Daiso Haul - Brush Egg Dupe for $1.50! Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

     Yesterday, my husband and I went to Daiso to purchase some pairs of foldable slippers because he put on slippers at hotel during his business trip. While we were at Daiso, I found this Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board. A few months ago, I watched YouTube video which showed that this was also perfect as a compact brush cleaning device. When I found this, I thought that I had to buy this because it was only $1.50! At Daiso, there were some colors I could choose from such as light pink, green, yellow, mint blue, etc. I chose this pink one. :)
Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

       After coming back home, I found that this is almost identical to Brush Egg, which has so many positive reviews on Amazon! 
Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

       This was originally designed as a scrubbing board to scrub off tough stains on socks, shirt collars and so on. Even if it doesn't work for cleaning brushes, I can still use it to as a scrubbing board. :)
Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board
       I will use it as a brush cleaning board next week. I can't wait to see how it works! :)

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