Sunday, August 2, 2015

Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover Review

Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover

       Tonight, I used Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 3 Daiso Beauty Products, this is the best selling product of Daiso in Japan. It has also so many positive reviews on Amazon USA! I was really excited to try it out. :)  

       First, I removed all makeup, and I wore this mask directly on my bare face while soaking a bathtub. My face got really hot after 5 minutes, so I was able to get the same result as facial steam. Then, I washed my face with Shiseido Perfect Whip and Clarisonic. My skin got really clean. :)

      Then, I used this mask over Japanese facial lotions sheet. I added my favorite Muji moisturizer into the small piece of compressed facial lotion sheet. Then, I wore facial mask over the sheet on my face. This was so great! It kept still on your face, so I could drink tea and blow-dried my hair while wearing it. :) My skin got really moisturized by the mask. This Daiso mask is a really gem! If you find this at Daiso, I highly recommend you to get it. :)

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