Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Which One Was First? Brushegg or Daiso Silicon Scrubbing Board

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, I purchased Daiso Silicon Scrubbing Board, which is really identical to Brushegg. Many beauty bloggers say that it's an exact duplicate of Brushegg.

Daiso Silicone Scrubbing Board

      At first, I was really surprised that these look exactly the same! The only difference I can see is its logo. However, Daiso one was made as a small washing board to scrub off tough stains on socks, shirt collars and so on, and they never mention that it is for makeup brush cleaning. That sounds strange to me because if Daiso made a replica of Brushegg, they would sell as a brush cleansing tool. In addition, it's very unusual in Japan that companies make exact replicas like this.

     As far as I know from my research on Internet, small washing boards were released by Felissimo Corporation, a huge Japanese mail order company, in Japan in 2011. Kyoko Tamura provided the idea of a small washing board to Felissimo. Because it's very useful to wash off small spots on clothing, it became very popular by word of mouth in Japan.
Handy Scrubbing Board by Felissimo

      Then, many Japanese companies including Daiso have made small washing boards.

by Baby Hearts

by Felissimo Corporation

by Sweetpea

by Sun Family
      Daiso had already started selling Silicone Scrubbing Board in 2012. Then, it was featured as one of the most useful 100 yen products on TV show, Suma Station, in August 2013. They still only introduced it as a small washing board in Japan.
Silicone Scrubbing Board by Daiso
    Now, let me tell you about silicon makeup brush cleaning tools. Very popular Sigma Spa Blush Cleaning Glove started selling in February 2013. I couldn't find exactly when Brushegg started selling, but according to Brushegg Canada, Brushegg Canada was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurial sisters who share a passion for the beauty and makeup industry.  The compact and cute design of brushegg® has quickly become a fan-favorite among beauty junkies worldwide.  The love for brushegg® has spread so quickly across the globe that brushegg Canada now has multiple distributors in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Brushegg became popular and started being seen on Internet in 2014. At the same around time, people started noticing that Daiso one is identical to Brushegg. Now, I cannot still tell you which one duplicates which though. However, I guess that Daiso was first possibly. What do you think?

   In March 2015, one of beauty gurus on YouTube in Japan introduced Daiso Silicon Scrubbing Board to wash makeup brushes. Then, it eventually came to be recognized as a makeup brush cleaning tool by women in Japan this year. It will be more and more popular in Japan.

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