Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jidaiya Ramen Restaurant

      Yesterday, I drove to LAX to pick up my husband. On our way home, we went to Jidaiya, a Japanese ramen restaurant in Torrance. I was really excited to go to this restaurant. :) Torrance has so many authentic Japanese restaurants because many Japanese people live there.
Jidaiya in Torrance

      This restaurant had a very retro feel.
Jidaiya in Torrance

      He ordered Tokyo Yatai, chicken broth based ramen. The noodle was pretty thin. I was surprised that their ramen was as reasonable as one in Japan. It was only $6.95. He also ordered Kaedama, which is an extra noodle without changing soup and bowl. Kaedama was only $1.50.
Tokyo Yatai

       I ordered, Jidaiya Ramen, tonkotsu ramen. The noodle was incredibly thick. Actually, it was the thickest noodle I've ever had. The broth was very rich and good. This ramen was also $6.95.
Jidaiya Ramen

       I ordered Jidaiya Fried Rice. I really liked this fried rice, which contained ramen chashu, egg, green onion and ginger. It was only $2.
Jidaiya Fried Rice

      My husband ordered this UFO Gyoza Dumpling. I liked this too. It was $4.50.
UFO Gyoza Dumpling

      Frankly, I wasn't really impressed at their ramen because I grew up in Fukuoka, which is one of the most famous ramen areas in Japan. That's why when it comes to ramen, I am pretty picky about that. The broth was good, but the noodle wasn't hard enough. Beside that, I didn't like their very thick noodle. In my opinion, tonkotsu ramen should have very thin noodle. However, fried rice and gyoza were pretty good. They have a variety of  selections other than ramen, and the prices are very reasonable. If I go to this restaurant once again, I would like to try other dishes such as bento box next time.

18537 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90248

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