Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garrett Popcorn from Chicago

      As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, my husband bought the Starbucks mug and card, which are released in Chicago only. He also purchased Garrett Popcorn for me. Before he went to Chicago, we had never heard about their popcorn.

     Garrett Popcorn is famous popcorn company in Chicago. It was first established in Chicago in 1949 and has many branch stores now. In Japan, there are two Gourmet Popcorn branches, which were opened last year, and there are always long lines in front of the stores. People wait for an hour or so to get their popcorn in Japan. I read many reviews of their store in Chicago, and people in Chicago also wait in long line for it. At first, I wondered why people wait so long for just popcorn.

     Anyway, my husband bought the small bag of the Chicago mix, which combines sweet caramel crisp with savory cheese corn, for about $5 at O'Hare airport. The small bag was big enough for two people.

     The taste of the Chicago mix was good. I was not expecting that it was so good for only popcorn. The salt and sweet combination was perfect!

     Now, I understood why people go crazy for their popcorn. This was the best popcorn I've ever had.


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