Saturday, March 15, 2014

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

     Today, my husband told me that he had found numerous bird nests beneath the bridge on his way home. We decided to go and see together. As he told me, there were incredible numbers of nests there. We tried to see if there were any chicks in the nests with using our 50x optical zoom camera. However, we were not able to see any in them. Then, we drove forward and unexpectedly found that there was the bird sanctuary. We didn't know this place before.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

     There was the pond where was located just front of the parking lot. Some bird watchers who had big single-lens reflex cameras were standing forward the pond and were taking pictures. There were so many beautiful birds, so I also took pictures of these birds because I love watching wild animals.

     This winter, it rained little and it was told that the California drought was the worst in its history. However, the winter storm hit Southern California two weeks ago. I thought that the winter storm ended up creating such a beautiful oasis for wild animals. All birds and green plants I saw today seemed happy in my eyes. :)

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

      I also recorded this video today.

      This video is that I recorded on the day of the winter storm two weeks ago.

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