Thursday, March 27, 2014

Starbucks Haul - My New Tumbler, Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup

     My husband and I often go to Starbucks since we are Starbucks card and local mug collectors. We love coffee and brew coffee on our own with different equipments. I am thinking about sharing how to brew coffee on my blog and my Youtbue channel in the near future. My husband suggested me to purchase the Starbucks glass tumbler for me prior to making videos since we love Starbucks. I think a clear glass is perfect for my future videos because you can easily see beautiful coffee color through the clear glass. If the truth be told, he really liked it regardless of my future video because the glass tumbler is very unique and good looking.

      That's why we headed toward Starbucks to purchase the tumbler last night. We went to two different Starbucks branches. The first store didn't have it in stock. Then, we were finally able to find it at the next Starbucks. :) I'm going to share my new glass tumbler with you.
       According their homepage, it reads, "A glass version of our iconic Starbucks® Cold Cup. Enjoy favorite iced or blended beverages in this cup made of 50% post-consumer recycled glass. The acrylic lid features a silicone seal, and the reusable plastic straw stays attached to the lid. Intended for cold beverages only. Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave."
Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
      This glass cup was made of recycled glass from Spain. This thick glass is pretty heavy, which I like.
Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
      There are some lines on it. I thought it would be a huge benefit for me because I can measure the coffee while I am pouring it into the tumbler.
Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
      One of my favorite things about this tumbler is that there is the Starbucks Siren Logo on it.
Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz

Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
       When my husband suggested to me to purchase this tumbler, I didn't think I would buy it at first. This is not double walled unlike other Starbucks tumbler we own, but I really like this glass tumbler. This will be perfect tumbler drinking iced coffee at home. It will make my coffee time even more enjoyable. :)
Starbucks® Recycled Glass Cold Cup, 16 fl oz
     I can't wait making coffee video with my new Starbucks tumbler! :)

     UPDATE: I uploaded my coffee video using this tumbler. :)

     This is my entries related to Starbucks.

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