Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seeking a Good Deal for Bialetti Espresso Maker

      When I visited my families in Japan last year, I took my Bialetti coffee maker from the U.S. to my parent's house which I stayed for 12 days. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I bought it at Ralphs in September because it was an incredible clearance item. My 9-cup Bialetti espresso coffee maker was originally $44.95 but was $8.89 on clearance! When I was in Japan last year, I made coffee using my Bialetti everyday for my families. All my family members were impressed by its taste; especially my sister and brother really liked it. My brother asked me if it was possible for me to leave my Bialetti in my parents' home. I was surprised that I hadn't realized that he loved it so much. However, my Bialetti is also my husband's favorite espresso maker, so I couldn't give it away to my brother. Instead of that I promised my brother that I would buy it and bring it from U.S. next time I go back to Japan.
      After coming back from Japan, I sometimes checked the price of Bialetti but was not able to find any good deal as the one I purchased before. My brother wants to get 6-cup espresso maker, and it is usually $29.99 on Amazon. He told me that it was $70 at the outdoor equipment shop in Japan. I also found that it was $39.99 on Amazon Japan. Apparently, it is more expensive than in U.S. I have several weeks until I go to Japan, so I don't have much time to keep waiting so long for a good deal.

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