Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brown Pelican - Juvenile and Adult

     I sometimes go to beach and see some brown pelicans. I have noticed different appearance between brown pelicans on piers and in seashore. Because I love animals, I became interested in it.

     I often see brownish-gray colored pelican on piers in Southern California.


     At La Jolla, I only see a pelican which has reddish on the throat on seashores. The head is white and yellowish.

      After looking it up the Internet, I figured out that these pelicans are adult. I saw adult pelicans flying out beautifully many times.


      The juvenile pelican also fly beautifully but doesn't do as well as adult. When they start flying, they look little awkward.


      I recorded juvenile pelicans on the pier, and one of them flew away at last. I thought it still tried to practice flying.

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