Sunday, March 2, 2014

Aki-Home - a Japanese Furniture Store, Nitori

     One of famous Japanese companies expanded into U.S., and two branch stores, which were named Aki-Home, were opened in O.C. last year. Aki-Home is a Japanese company and sells furniture, home accessories, and etc. The parent company is Nitori Holdings Inc, which is successful in Japan. When I lived in Japan, I sometimes went to Nitori and bought some home goods because their products are always very affordable.

      My husband and I went to Aki-Home to see the grand opening store in December. It was two months after grand opening, but the inside of the store were many customers, and many people were waiting in a long line to check out. It seemed they were pretty popular store at the time. I was impressed that there were many Japanese home goods with affordable prices just like Nitori in Japan. Specifically, I was interested in their Japanese tablewares. Those were very beautifully made but were inexpensive. I was glad that they allowed people here to get Japanese home goods easier than ever before. :)  I updated my Youtube video to share their Japanese products with you.


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