Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nissui Frozen Takoyaki

     I love takoyaki, which is a Japanese snack. "Tako" means octopus, and "yaki" means grill in Japanese. Takoyaki is made of octopus, flour, cabbage, and so on. While I was living in Osaka, which is famous for takoyaki, one of my friends invited me to the takoyaki party. She made many kinds of takoyaki for guests, and it was very fun! While I really love takoyaki, I am not familiar with making takoyaki because my hometown is not Osaka. I believe that people live in Osaka eat takoyaki more often than any other prefectures in Japan. When my husband and I were living in Osaka, it was easy for us to find takoyaki stores. We enjoyed finding good takoyaki stores in my neighborhoods. All stores were great though. They were selling takoyaki at very inexpensive price; for instance, four pieces of takoyaki were 100yen, which is equivalent to a dollar.
     After moving to U.S., I have never seen any takoyaki store sadly. However, I found this frozen takoyaki at a Japanese supermarket. It was on sale for about $4, so I decided to purchase it. When I was in Osaka, I also sometimes bought frozen takoyaki, so I had already known that it was very easy to make and had very good taste!

Nissui Frozen Takoyaki
      I heated some frozen takoyaki balls in the microwave for several minutes, and added takoyaki sauce, which I bought at Daiso, and dried bonito, which is called Katsuobushi in Japanese. Then, I added some mayo. They were just as good as I was expecting.

Nissui Takoyaki

     If I compare frozen takoyaki to takoyaki in Osaka, I will defenetely choose takoyaki in Osaka, which is very creamy and has the best taste!
Takoyaki in Osaka

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  1. I found takoyaki at a local Japanese market last year and have been addicted since! The takoyaki I bought were JFC International brand, but I plan to purchase Nissui brand next to see the difference. I wish there were takoyaki stores in the US, I would love to experience it fresh once. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. :)
      Yes, fresh takoyaki is so good! I've found a takoyaki store at a food court in my local Japanese supermarket in the U.S. I haven't tried it yet though. Since I used to live in Osaka, Japan for many years, I am pretty picky when it comes to fresh takoyaki. :) I wish you would also try authentic takoyaki in Osaka someday. Osaka is a takoyaki paradise!