Monday, February 17, 2014

Nostalgic Hotel in Osaka - Hotel Daiki

     I uploaded my Youtube video which was the cats in the hotel in Osaka. When my husband and I were traveling in Osaka, we stayed at Hotel Daiki, which was pretty old hotel in Tenma, Osaka.
     While I was searching for hotels, I read many reviews on Hotel Daiki. There were many positive and negative reviews on it. It was pretty old, and the noise of the neighbors bothered because the walls in the room were thin. However, I liked the fact that the hotel had a very nostalgic feel.     

       In front of the front desk, there is a small restaurant.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

     The cat of the hotel was sleeping on the chair at the restaurant.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

      While we were going to upstairs, the cat was following us.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

     After a while, when we opened the door, the cat came into the room and roamed around bathroom.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

     The room was very retro. It was like a country home in Japan back in the 70's.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ

     The bathroom was even more nostalgic! If I had stayed in any other hotel, I wouldn't see such a retro bathroom in my life. The bathroom was very old, but I still enjoyed soaking in the bathtub.
Hotel Daiki ホテルダイキ
 Hotel Daiki : 4-9-5 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka

     I'm going to share the best places to eat near Hotel Daiki with you next time.

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