Saturday, February 1, 2014

Redondo Beach

     Today, my husband and I went to Redondo Beach Pier for our first time. We were able to find parking space easily, and walked around the pier. There were many unique souvenir shops there.

     There were two big pelicans which were sitting on the pier.

     We went to Quality Seafood Inc. to get some fresh seafood.

     They have a wide selection of seafood, and we finally decided to purchase a live sea urchin. One small size sea urchin was around $7. The staff cut and opened the sea urchin for us, so we were ready to eat raw sea urchin. It was very fresh because it was still moving on the plate.

     We also purchased 2 lb of raw small squid for around $5.

     We sat on the outside bench to eat raw sea urchin. We had purchased raw sea urchin many times at supermarkets before, but we had never eaten one that was still alive. The taste was little bit different from the ones we used to eat. This live one had sweet and slightly bitter tastes. Surprisingly, we didn't need any soy source. That was a new great experience for us.

      After coming back home, we cooked the squids, which we purchase at Quality Seafood Inc. We stewed them with sugar, soy source, and sake. They turned out delicious as stewed squid! :)

     If we have a chance to go to Redondo Beach, we'd like to go to Quality Seafood Inc. again.

Quality Seafood Inc.
130 S International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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