Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our 30-day Challenge

      My husband and I finally accomplished our 30-day challenge, which was going to the gym 30 days in a row. :)
      Obviously, I am not a person who love exercise, and I usually tend to be lazy. However, if I don't exercise on a daily basis, I will end up having severe backache. That's why this challenge was essential for me.

      Before taking NCLEX, I watched this video and tried to make a habit for studying for nursing by 30-day challenge. It's because I didn't study for it on a daily basis even though I really needed to make a great effort for it. I finally accomplished that goal and was able to make it into a habit. I was able to get things off to a good start because of 30-day challenge. That's why I like the idea of 30-day challenges and believe that this is the most effective way for me to break out of the rut. It leads to having a life of fulfillment.

     My husband and I will continue our 30-day challenge which related to exercise, but he is on business trip now, so after he came back home, we will discuss what we should try for the next challenge.
     In addition, I am going to try my 30-day challenge, which is watching English DVDs for 30 days in a row. I was watching ER DVDs as much as possible in order to improve my listening skill before. Actually, I noticed that my listening skill has improved by watching them. However, I haven't watched them these days. It's because I have been thinking about doing online business until I get a RN job, so I have spent more time in front of my computer these days. I want to get a job as a nurse but to think that it will take a long time to get a job during RN employment ice age. I haven't heard any good news about RN job marketing in California. Furthermore, my teacher told students about many negative stories of U.S. medical system which never happen in Japan. Personally, Japanese medical system is much better than the one in here U.S. I have been asking myself if this was what I wanted to do. That's why I am running out of my drive for getting a job. However, I think that this thought is just part of dealing process, so I will finally get through this. Anyway, I need to keep watching English DVDs on a daily basis to keep up my listening skill until I get a RN job here.

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