Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Second Day of the Course

     I took the refresher course today, which was the second day of the course. I was able to understand the contents of the course mostly and thought that my knowledge and skills were not bad at all. While I was working as a nurse in Japan for 8 years, I was able to go through many nursing procedures and got involved with variety of clinical cases. That's why I was familiar with the contents of the class through my experience. However, my young classmate said that fortunately she finally got a job, which was at a laser treatment clinic, and worked for two years there but didn't have a chance to gain clinical experience. She is highly educated nurse but with little experience. Now, most hospitals don' t want to hire new graduates and want nurses only with experience of acute care. How can new graduates gain their clinical skill without working at hospitals in this age? I think that they deserve to get opportunities to work at hospitals because they are very passionate about being better nurses. When I was a new young graduated nurse in Japan, it was very easy for me to find a job at hospitals. I didn't have experience at first, but then I was able to improve my skills as I worked there. I think that I was lucky to have worked in Japan. After taking the class today, I thought that my biggest concern was English, especially speaking skill. These days, I have been trying to watch American medical drama as much as possible, so I was finally able to notice my listening skill improvement. Therefore, now I need to increase my opportunity to speak English in my daily life.

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