Monday, February 3, 2014

The Names of Characters in ER

     I started watching ER, an American medical drama series, three weeks ago and have just finished watching the season 1. I had watched Grey's Anatomy, which is also an American medical drama series, before starting watching ER. Frankly, I like ER more than Grey's Anatomy because ER portrays realistic stories in medical setting while parts of stories of Grey's Anatomy are unlikely to happen indeed and portrays unrealistic relationships between medical staff in order to draw on audiences. In addition, ER is easier for me to understand the stories without subscription than Grey's Anatomy. (I sometimes find it difficult to understand the contents of the stories in some dramas and movies because English is my second language.) According to Wikipedia, ER was first aired twenty years ago, and it has won 116 awards since then. Obviously, ER is the best medical drama series I've ever seen.

      Because I finished watching ER season 1, I'd like to review the names of characters in ER to be familiar with American names. It's because it's essential for me to remember and spell American names prior to working here indeed.
Mark Greene
   Mark Greene is portrayed by Anthony Edwards. He is the Chief Resident of Emergency Department.

Doug Ross
     Doug Ross is portrayed by George Clooney. He is an ER pediatrician.

Susan Lewis
     Susan Lewis is portrayed by Sherry Stringfield. She is a second year resident in season 1.

John Carter
     John Carter is portrayed by Noah Wyle. He is a third-year medical student in season 1.

Peter Benton
     Peter Benton is portrayed by Eriq La Salle. He is a second year surgical resident in season 1.

Carol Hathaway
     Carol Hathaway is portrayed by Julianna Margulies. She is a RN and is the nurse manager in the ER.

Jing-Mei Chen
    Jing-Mei Chen, whose nickname is Deb, is portrayed by Ming-Na Wen. She is a medical student.

Jeanie Boulet
   Jeanie Boulet is portrayed by Gloria Reuben. She is a physical therapist.

All Photos are from Wikipedia.

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