Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Purchase Japanese Affordable Eyeglasses at JINS - New Year's Japan Travel Day 3

      My husband and I traveled Japan during this New Year's holidays. As I mentioned in my previous entry, after getting coffee at 7-Eleven, we went to JINS to purchase his eyeglasses. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Must Go to Place in Japan - Affordable Eyeglass Stores, JINS and Zoff, if you wear eyeglasses and are planning on visiting Japan, you should check eyeglasses stores there.  It's because some stores sell very affordable stylish eyeglasses. Unlike the U.S., buying eyeglasses doesn't need prescriptions in Japan, so you don't need to see an ophthalmologist nor an optometrist to make new eyeglasses there. (If you want to buy contact lenses, you are probably required to see an ophthalmologist though.) 

       Just keep in mind that not all Japanese eyeglass stores sell affordable ones (3,500 yen or more for one pair of eyeglasses). Many stores sell medium and high end eyeglasses (15,000 yen or more for one pair of eyeglasses). If you want to try affordable ones, I recommend you to check JINS and Zoff, which have so many branches in Japan. For instance, in Japan, JINS has 307 branches including 61 branches in Tokyo. (There are more of excellent eyeglass stores sell affordable ones in Japan, so you can find one yourself.)

      Anyway, we visited JINS, J!NS, located in Ikebukuro Parco near JR Ikebukuro station. They had a wide selection of affordable stylish eyeglasses (5,000 yen or more for one pair of eyeglasses).

4F P'Parco
1 Chome-50-35 Higashiikebukuro, 
Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan 

      They had blue light cut lenses (+5000yen), which are perfect for someone who uses a PC and smartphones for long hours.

     These eyeglasses were so cool!

     Anyway, I'm going to share how to purchase eyeglasses at JINS with you. :)

How to Purchase Eyeglasses at JINS

1. Choose your favorite eyeglass frame. There are so many stylish ones you can choose from.

2. Take the frame to the register.

3. A staff asks you about the lenses. There is no charge for regular lenses. If you want special lenses such as blue cut lenses and lenses with UV protection, there is an additional charge.

4. Take an eye exam in order to make the accurate lenses.

5. Wait until your eyeglasses are ready. It usually takes for 30 minutes. If there is no stock in the store, you need to wait for several days.

6. The staff will adjust your eyeglass arms for you.

7. Make a payment, and you can receive your new eyeglasses, an eyeglass case and a lens cleaning cloth.

 Tax Free Service
      We found that this store was offering Tax Free Service (8% off)!  As I mentioned in my previous entry, Bic Camera at Haneda Airport Tax Free Service, in Japan, some stores especially ones located in Tokyo offer Tax Free Service. You need to show your passport with a valid entry stamp at the store where you want to apply for a tax refund.

 How Much Did It Cost to Make His New Eyeglasses?
     My husband purchased two pairs of eyeglasses because there was a buy one get one 10% off sale. By the way, these look the same but are slightly different designs. ;) One pair of eyeglasses was 5,000 yen, and the second one was 4500 yen. Our stay in Japan was eligible for tax free program because we have been living abroad for many years. That's why it cost 9500 yen for two pairs of eyeglasses, two eyeglass cases and lens cleaning clothes. :)

Quality of Affordable Eyeglasses
       I don't think their eyeglasses are the highest quality, but they are pretty good actually. They are light and steady. They never brake until he accidentally steps on the eyeglasses. You know it could happen to anyone!     

      While waiting for his eyeglasses, we had gyudon, a Japanese beef bowl, at Matsuya. I'll write about it next time.

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  1. I'll be going Osaka jins for prescription glasses and sunglasses. I don't speak Japanese. How do I ask for special lens? I love your blog!

    1. Prescription lens is regular lens (no additional charge). UV protection lens is special lens and probably costs additional 5000 yen.

      Most Japanese people don't speak English at all, so you should know these Japanese phrases.

      I want these eyeglasses with regular lens.
      (Japanese) Korewa futu no lens ni shite kudasai.(これは普通のレンズにしてください。)

      I want these eyeglasses with uv protection lens.
      (Japanese) Korewa UV cut no lens ni shite kudasai. (これはUVカットのレンズにしてください。)

      Have a great trip!

    2. Thanks for the quick reply. Does jins make scratch free and anti reflective lenses? How would I ask for that?

    3. Their regular lens is anti reflective lens, so you don't have ask about it. I'm not sure if their lens is scratch free because there is no option for that. I guess that their regular lens is already scratch free.

      You can check out JINS US Official Website for their lenses.