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8 Japanese Snacks and Candies I Purchased in Japan - Japan Haul

     When my husband and I visited Japan this winter, we purchased a lot of Japanese snacks and candies at discount stores such as Donki (Don Quijote) and Trial. Today, I'm going to share 8 Japanese snacks and candies I purchased there with you. These listed below are very affordable and can be purchased at most discount stores and supermarkets in Japan. You can perhaps find some of them at some drugstores and Daiso there as well. If you are in Japan, you should check these there. :)  (By the way, we purchased more of snacks at other stores such as Kalidi and Kitano, and I will share those with you in my future entry. You can check out, 13 Muji Products I Purchased in Japan - Muji Haul, for Muji snacks. )
Japanese Snack and Candy Haul

1. Jagariko by Calbee (じゃがりこ by カルビー)
Cheese Flavor
88yen at Donki 
Calbee Jagariko Cheese
      Jyagariko, Jyagarico, is crunchy potato snacks made by Calbee. I really like Jagariko Cheese flavor and always purchase some when I visit Japan. 
Calbee Jagariko Cheese
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 2. Jagabee by Calbee (じゃがビー by カルビー)
Butter Soy Sauce Flavor
98 yen at Donki
Calbee Jagabee
       Jagabee is also potato snacks made by Calbee, but it's less crunchy than Jagariko. Jagabee is deep-fried potatoes with skin. If you have never tried Jagariko and Jagabee, you really should try them! :)

3. Super Big Choco by Riska (スーパーBIGチョコ by リスカ)
39 yen at Trial 
Super Big Choco
      When I was a child, I really liked Super Big Choco. I cannot believe that they are still very affordable! They're super long chocolate bar snacks. These years, I've often heard that Black Thunder Chocolate Bar has been incredibly popular for Asian tourists visiting Japan especially Taiwanese, but I like Super Big Choco more than Black Thunder frankly. If you like Black Thunder, I want you to try Super Big Choco.   

4. Choco Monaka by Riska (チョコモナカ by リスカ)
49 yen at Trial
Choco Monaka
    I also purchased Choco Monaka, which is crunchy and airy chocolate bar sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers.

5. Umaibo by Yaokin (うまい棒 by やおきん)
108 yen for 10 sticks at Daiso
       Umaibo is my favorite Japanese puffy snack. My husband found this set of 10 Umaibo snacks at Daiso. I was glad that this set has 10 different flavors! My most favorite Umaibo flavor is Natto one! I know that many people don't like smell of natto (納豆), which is a traditional Japanese fermented soybean, but this one doesn't smell like natto. However, it tastes like natto somehow. Even if you don't like natto, you might like it. ;)
Umaibo Natto

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6. Kororo by UHA Mikakuto (コロロ by UHA味覚糖)
99 yen at Trial
     It was our first time to try Kororo, which is fruit gummi candy. He first found it at Sun Drug, a drugstore in Tokyo. We had it during traveling Tokyo (Actually, we ate it up soon after we purchased it.). I was really surprised that this one was so delicious! I felt like I was eating real grapes! That's why we purchased two more at a discount store in Fukuoka, which is our hometown. ;) If you have never tried Kororo, you really should try one!
Kororo Grape

Kororo Grape

Kororo Muscat

7. Baby Star Dodekai Ramen by Oyatsu Company (ベビースター ドデカイ ラーメン by おやつカンパニー)
Chicken Flavor
98 yen at Donki 
Baby Star Dodekai Ramen
      I like Baby Star Ramen, which is ramen snack. Baby Star Ramen has two types of noodles, thin and shorter noodle one and flat and longer noodle one. I like this flat noodle one! :) When I visit Japan, I always purchase one.

8. Nama Okinawa Kuroame by Matsuyaseika (生 沖縄黒飴 by 松屋製菓株式会社)
99 yen at Trial
Nama Okinawa Kuroame
     This Nama Okinawa Kuroame is Okinawan brown sugar candy, which is his favorite one. When we visit Fukuoka, he often purchase two for him and his father. 

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