Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Best Selling Japanese Hair Brush - Koizumi Reset Brush KBE-2811

      This March, Koizumi Reset Brush, an electric hair brush, was featured as one of the best products from Japanese electric appliance store on TV show, Ariyoshi Zemi. Since then, it has been incredibly popular in Japan, and it's sold out very quickly at many stores in Japan indeed.

Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811 コイズミ リセットブラシ
5980 yen
Can be purchased at many electric stores, Donki, Tokyu Hands in Japan.
Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811

     Reset Hair Brush has been also featured as the best selling beauty product in many Japanese beauty magazines. It has so many positive reviews on Amazon Japan, and many people review that it makes hair shiny and beautiful without heat. Some people say that their hair texture has changed by using this hair brush.

Scalp Care
     You can massage your scalp with its platinum brushes, which also give your scalp cool feeling.

Remove Hair Static
      While brushing your hair with Reset Hair Brush, it removes static in your hair. It makes your hair shiny and beautiful.
Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811

    This YouTube video shows that it also works for hair wigs.

Magnetism : 2000 Gauss
Sonic Vibration : 6000 per minute
Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811

Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811

Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811
・Use twice a day.
・Only use for dry hair.
・Two AAA batteries
Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811


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