Friday, September 16, 2016

Sunday Lunch - What My Husband Cooked Weekend

      About two weeks ago, my husband cooked this chicken burger for weekend lunch. It's hard to see chicken because of a lot of green leaves but had juicy delicious grilled chicken in it. :) The chicken was from Tyson, Tyson Frozen Chicken Breast, which we purchased at our local Ralphs. We love Tyson frozen chicken because it is so fresh and juicy once it's cooked. It doesn't taste like one made of frozen meat. If you find one at supermarket, you really should try it. :) The bread was Costco Dinner Roll. By the way, the plate was Fire King vintage plate which we purchased last year. :)

     In addition, he made this mango green smoothie. It was very thick and cold. By the way, the mug was Starbucks Band of Outsider Double Wall Traveler, which we purchased two years ago.

     What I like about his cooking is that he always makes delicious meals very quickly. Thank him for delicious Sunday lunch. :) 

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