Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Install Molding - Our Weekend Project

    As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I laid laminate flooring in our second bedroom previous weekend, and this weekend we tried to install molding to cover the gaps between the walls and floor.

    We went to Home Depot, home improvement stores in the U.S., to purchase shoe molding. There were so many kinds of molding we could choose from.

     At the store, you can cut it yourself to purchase only what you need. 

     We used the mitre box with saw at the store, and we thought this would be very useful to cut 45 degree angle molding at home. :)

    We decided to purchase it. :)

      It was very easy to cut 45 degree angle molding. Indeed, I cut most of molding by myself. :) 

     We were going to finish installing molding this weekend, but we couldn't. We got a nail gun, but we couldn't receive an air compressor which was supposed to arrive this weekend. That's why we will nail the molding into place next weekend. :)  
     It was the third weekend after we started this project in our second bedroom. I hope we can completely finish it next weekend. 

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