Thursday, September 8, 2016

What US Stores Sell for Halloween

    I moved to the U.S. from Japan in September, 2008. When I went to supermarkets in the U.S. for my very first time, I was surprised that so many Halloween items were on display. At that time, Halloween event was still not so common in Japan even though I've seen many pumpkin sweets with cute Jack-o'-lantern faces in fall in my country.

    What I was surprised in the U.S. was Halloween is the time to display scary decors. At many supermarkets, you can purchase Halloween cakes with disgusting spider and cockroach cake toppers (I have never seen such a spooky cake topper in Japan.). People display their house entrances with creepy spider web for Halloween (I have never seen spider web decor in Japan!). Many horror movies come up for Halloween season (Horror movie season in Japan is usually summer.). Halloween decors and costumes are made to scare people (Some people in Japan display cute smile pumpkin faces.). Obviously, Japanese Halloween is not like US Halloween and is probably weird to most people outside Japan. Japan didn't use to have Halloween event, but it's getting more and more popular these years. Unlike Japan, US Halloween is scary, spooky and creepy event somewhat. Even though I found a liking for making Jack-o'-lanterns here, I was not a big fan of scary things (I don't watch horror movies at all!). However, now I enjoy watching seasonal Halloween decors at stores here in the U.S. during this season. :)

    Last weekend, my husband and I went to Costco to purchase laminate flooring, and I found some Halloween items there.
at Costco
     Although there are adorable costumes for kids and Halloween treats, ...
Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween Treats

     there are pirate skeletons for Halloween decors.

    This is spooky witch decors.

     At Home Depots, home improvement stores in the U.S., there were so many scary Halloween decors.

    Small kids will definitely cry when looking at these spooky ghosts.

      I thought it's really Halloween season now! :)

      This is my video, which I recorded last year.

      My entries related to Halloween can be seen here.

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