Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Ugly Door Knobs

     When my husband and I bought our home about three months ago, our dated home needed renovating a lot. The kitchen was so ugly and all outlets were so tired and cracked. Right after we purchased our home, he told me that he didn't like all old knobs in our home, but I didn't really think the door knobs need to be replaced soon because we needed to renovate a lot of major areas at that time. It was an overwhelming amount of work to do for our home.

     After finishing installing laminate flooring in our second bedroom this month, I started to think the knob should be replaced as he told me before. It's probably not so difficult. We will do it someday anyway, so the sooner the better, right?

    This second bedroom door knob doesn't look too bad from a distance, but ....

     when you look it up close, you will notice that the door knob has some paints on it like our old outlets. :(
Bedroom Door Knob

    It definitely needs replacing... 
Bedroom Door Knob

     This is the door knob for the walk-in closet in our master bedroom. 
Closet Door Knob

     The door knob on the back side of the closet door is completely different from bedroom door knob, so I need to purchase two types of door knobs, privacy ones for bedrooms and bathrooms and dummy ones for closets.
Closet Door Knob

      Because we love contemporary style, we would like to replace the old knobs to door levers. He loves door levers like ones in our previous apartment.
Door Lever in Our Previous Apartment

      We will order new door levers tonight, and I hope we can replace old ugly door knobs to new levers this weekend or the following week. :)

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