Saturday, April 25, 2015

Umaiwa and Umaibou - Japanese Snack

     Today, my husband and I went to a Japanese supermarket and found Umaiwawas on sale there. We don't usually purchase Japanese snacks here in the U.S. because those are more expensive than ones in Japan. As I mentioned in my previous entries, we love and always purchase so many Umaibouwhen we have a chance to visit Japan. However, it was on sale today, and we had never tried Umaiwa before, so we decide to try this snack. :)

うまい輪 Umaiwa Cheese Flavor 75g by Yaokin / Riska
      As I expected, Umaiwatasted just like Umaibou. :) This cheese flavor was so good! This package contained 75g, so I think this was equivalent to 12 sticks of Umaibou. If you feel like eating so many Umaibou, Umaiwa is probably perfect for you. :)
うまい輪 Umaiwa Cheese Flavor 75g by Yaokin / Riska
     By the way, うまい (umai) means delicious and 棒 (bou) means stick in Japanese. 輪 (wa) means ring in Japanese. Therefore, Umaibou is a delicious stick, and Umaiwa is a delicious ring. :)

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