Friday, February 12, 2016

Okara, Tofu Lees, Soy Pulp - Healthy Japanese Foods

     Now, people know a tofu is made of soy, and it's one of the healthiest foods. However, do you know about tofu byproducts such as okara? Tofu lees, soy pulp, is called okara in Japanese. Okara is very high nutrient food and is high in protein and fiber. If you love tofu or Japanese foods, I would like you to try Japanese okara! :) If you live in Japan, you can find okara at most supermarkets and tofu shops. However, it's pretty hard to find okara in the U.S., where I live right now. Only once in a while, I can find okara at Japanese supermarkets here. When I am able to buy okara, I enjoy cooking unohana. I sometimes make okara donuts and okara hamburgs too.

     This week, I cooked curry flavored unohana, and it was pretty good. :) I'll share the recipe in my tomorrow's entry. :)
Curry Flavored Unohana

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