Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sushi Boy - Less Americanized

      Last week, my husband bought some sushi for dinner at Sushi Boy on the way home from work. :)

      He ordered Tokyo, 13 pieces of sushi, for $8.95 for me. Considering its reasonable price, it was pretty good!
      My husband chose Salmon Trio, 9 pieces of sushi, for $9.95 for himself.
Salmon Trio
       Sushi Boy is the branch of a famous Japanese sushi restaurant in Japan, Kozosushi (小僧寿し), so they keep making sushi which Japanese people like. I don't usually want to go to sushi restaurants here in the U.S. because most sushi here is too Americanized. However, Sushi Boy is the only restaurant I could go.

       When I went to Japan this year, I frequently bought sushi at Japanese supermarket. It's because I had been always dying to eat sushi. (My mother was really surprised at how much I missed sushi.)  Sushi selling at supermarkets in Japan tasted much better than sushi restaurant in the U.S. Those were very fresh and were obviously not Americanized at all. Specifically, Costco in Japan made the best sushi I've ever tasted! I really miss sushi in Japan!


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