Friday, April 3, 2015

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner - Daiso

        I have been using Daiso Detergent Cleaning for Markup Puff and Sponge for more than 10 years. I really love this product!

        When I was in Japan, I used to use makeup sponges to apply foundation. Most women in the U.S. use makeup brushes or Beautyblenders to apply foundation, but women in Japan have been using flat makeup sponge for it for many years. When it got dirty, I simply threw it away and purchased a new one every month or so. I usually bought Shiseido sponge for around 1000yen (about $10), so it cost much money. When I was living in Osaka, Japan, my sister visited me and found my dirty makeup sponge. She recommended me to use Daiso makeup sponge cleaner. Actually, I didn't believe what she said at first because I had never washed makeup sponges before, and I used to believe makeup sponges should replace every month. I used Daiso one as she said and was really surprised its result! It worked really well. My dirty sponge became completely clean and even looked like brand new! I didn't have to repurchase Shiseido sponge every month anymore! After moving to U.S., I still use Daiso one to clean my makeup brushes weekly. When I visit Japan, I always buy some cleaner at Daiso. I also like the fact that it is made in Japan. :)

       I found it has so many positive reviews on Amazon. However, it has also some negative reviews which reads the bottle came half full. I think it looks like half full but contains 80ml / 2.8 fl oz as it describes on the package. I have three bottles of new Daiso cleaner, which I bought at Daiso in Japan, and they look like 2/3 full. However, all of them are 3.5 oz each including the container.

        This small bottle contains 80ml of cleaner looks like running out quickly, but it actually lasts so long. I usually use 5ml each time for all my 10 makeup brushes. I'm going to share how to wash my makeup brushes with you.

1. Pour 2.5 ml of cleaner into a bowl. Add 3/4 cup of water.

2. Soak small brush first and swirl the brush in the mixture. Do all brushes one by one.

3. Rinse them well under running water.

4. Repeat step No. 1-3 again until the water runs clear from the brushes.

5. Pat the brushes with clean towel.

6. Leave them to air-dry.

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