Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fresh Ahi Poke at Costco

      Today, my husband and I went to our local Costco to purchase Fresh Hawaiian Poke. If truth be told, we went there around 5 p.m. last weekend but were not able to find one. I think it was because they were sold out that day. That's why we were really excited when we found fresh poke at Costco today! They were selling four kinds of poke, Fresh Ahi Shoyu Poke, Fresh Ahi Wasabi Poke, Fresh Ahi Limu Poke and Fresh Ahi Spicy Poke.
Fresh Ahi Poke at Costco

Fresh Ahi Poke at Costco
       While we were traveling Hawaii last month, we tried Wasabi Poke at Costco, and it was so good! This time, we also purchased Wasabi Poke. Compared to Wasabi Poke we purchased at Costco Hawaii, the wasabi taste of one we purchased at Costco in Southern California was really subtle. We dipped it in soy sauce and a little wasabi at home. It was so fresh and great! We will definitely purchase Costco poke again. :)

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