Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hiking in Lava Tube Cave - Traveling the Big Island, Hawaii - Day 4-1

       On the day before leaving from the Big Island, it was a very beautiful sunny day. My husband and I decided to take a lot of photos because we were planning on making our traveling photo book. We headed toward Kohala from Kailua-Kona. We saw the desolate black lava landscape while driving on Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway.
Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway

          While driving north, we unexpectedly found this huge lava tube which was produced by Hualalai lava flow in 1801. We pulled our car to the side of the road and decided to go inside of the lava tube.
Lava Tube

       We hiked on black lava rocky ground. Some rocks were pretty unstable, so it was a little difficult to walk even with running shoes there. I couldn't believe that some people did with flip-flops.
Lava Tube

Lava Tube
Hualalai Flow of 1801

       We drove north to take more pictures on the Big Island.

       I uploaded my YouTube video which I recorded that day.

        My entries related to our traveling on the Big Island can be seen here.

      Today's Vocabulary
desolate : adjective: 【désələt】 人けのない、荒涼とした

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