Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Clover Reserve Starbucks - Starbucks Reserve West Java Preanger

         I received my Starbucks Birthday Reward this month, so my husband and I went to my local Clover Reserve Starbucks last Sunday. He told me that they had just released new reserve coffee, West Java Prenger, so I decided to try one. Its coffee aroma was fresh. It had rich taste but not bitter. :) We really love coffee which was brewed by clover coffee makers, which are only used at a small number of Starbucks Reserved stores. We wish we could have the amazing clover machine at home.

Starbucks Reserve West Java Preanger

Starbucks Reserve® West Java Preanger

The beans are grown on volcanic mountainsides so steep and remote, motor scooters are used to transport the coffee to processing stations. Heavy rainfall, high humidity and cool temperatures culminate in a multilayered flavor. The beans are semi-washed with multiple drying stages—further deepening the coffee’s herbal complexity and milk-chocolate sweetness.

       Starbucks Reserve packaging used to be black, but now it's white!
Starbucks Reserve West Java Preanger

Picture at Clover Reserve Starbucks
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