Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rainbow Cafe - Kailua Kona, Hawaii

       While my husband and I were traveling on the Big Island on January 3, we went to Rainbow Cafe in Kailua Kona. This fast food restaurant serves Hawaiian food and Chinese food at pretty reasonable price. This is located close to Costco. Indeed, we found this restaurant after filling up gas at Costco. We were very hungry and wanted to grab some lunch before heading toward beaches that day.
        I ordered two pieces of Spam Musubi, which is a popular food in Hawaii, for $3.95. I remember that we ate spam musubi on Oahu Island when we traveled Hawaii for our first time. My husband forgot about that though. Their spam musubi looked nothing special but was so good! The dried seaweed was nice and crisp. The spam was not too greasy. These were just perfect!

        We also ordered their Loco Moco, which is also Hawaiian cuisine, for $8.45. This plate didn't look so good, but actually, it was so delicious! The hamburgers tasted good, and this sunny-side up egg was only half-done, which we like. The macaroni salad was nice and creamy. While it is usually pretty hard to find perfect steamed rice for Japanese like me, their rice was excellent! :)

        On the following day, we stopped by this restaurant again in order to grab quick lunch before going to the airport. We ordered their Spam Musubi and Fish Finger plate. It was perfect lunch for us in a hurry. It took only 7 minutes to Kona International Airport from this restaurant. :)

Rainbow Cafe
73-5612 Kauhola St
Unit 4

Kailua Kona, HI 96740

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