Friday, January 23, 2015

LAX Parking Curb Express

        My husband and I traveled Hawaii for five days. On December 31, we headed toward Los Angeles Airport in the very early morning. We used LAX Parking Curb Express, the valet parking company, this time. It was $108.43 for five days parking. We drove to the parking facility, which it took about less than 5 minutes to LAX from. As soon as we arrived the facility, a parking staff hopped into our car. Then, we went to our departure airline terminal together. After unloading our baggage from the car, he drove our car to their parking facility.
       When we returned to LAX from our traveling, my husband called the number for getting our car. Then, we waited outside for 10 minutes or so. They drove our car to our arrival airline terminal curbside.
      It was very convenient for us. We didn't need to use a shuttle bus, so we were able to save our time early morning before checking in at the airport.

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