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What He Got for Me at Muji Store in Japan - Muji Haul

      Before my husband went on his business trip to Japan last week, I asked him to buy some Muji sweets and snacks for me. I didn't say to him what I wanted him to buy, but he bought what exactly I like. :) I really like Muji sweets and snacks because the amount of their products are just right (not too much), and those price are always very reasonable. I can try whatever I am interested in without too much thinking at Muji stores. I know that the prices of products at Muji branches in other countries are not as reasonable as ones in Japan. Therefore, if you are planning on going to Japan, I highly recommend to go to Muji stores. You know there is Muji branch at Narita Airport. :) Japanese Muji stores have so many variety of products you can choose from. Anyway, I'm going to share what he bought for me at Muji store in Japan with you.

Muji Haul

      He bought this Mixed Seafood Snack for 180yen, which is equivalent to about $1.80. These are rice crackers with seafood tastes. I like Japanese rice cracker, but I have never tried this before. I think this was also that he wated to try though.

Mixed Seafood Snack 125g for 180yen
      These look so good. :)

Mixed Seafood Snack 125g for 180yen

     He bought two packages of Japanese Plum Crackers for 100yen each. This has been my all-time favorite of Muji snacks for many years. Last time I visit Japan, I couldn't find this Muji cracker, so I was so glad that he found these this time. These taste sour and so good. :) If you are not Japanese, you might think this tastes too Japanese though.

Japanese Plum Cracker 55g for 100yen

     Last time, I tried their Sweet Potato Baumkuchen for my first time and really liked it. Because of that, he bought two kinds of baumkuchen, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin, this time. These were 180yen each. Muji baumkuchen is pretty popular in Japan. Even if you are not Japanese, I think these will be loved by everyone. You really should try them! :)
Sweet Poteto Baumkuchen & Pumpkin  Baumkuchen for 180yen each

      I think that Japanese sweet potatoes are sweeter than you expect. I have purchased fresh sweet potatoes in U.S. before, and I was surprised that it tasted so bland. That was not what I expected. Kabocha, chestnuts and strawberries are also less sweet here. When I was little, my grandmother boiled fresh sweet potatoes as healthy sweets for my sister, brother and me. Without seasoning, those were always nice and sweets. Anyway, I love Japanese sweets made of sweet potatoes. :)
Baumkuchen Sweet Potato for 180yen
      This time, he bought this Pumpkin Baumkuchen for 180yen. This was made of Japanese pumpkin, Ebisu Kabocha. This has so many positive reviews. Some people left reviews on it that this has really rich in Kabocha taste. I can't wait trying it. :))
Baumkuchen Pumpkin for 180yen

      Last time, I tried Muji White Chocolate Strawberry for my first time, and it was surprisingly so good! It tasted sweet and sour. These are white chocolate covered dried strawberries. This chocolate has also many positive reviews on Muji website.
White Chocolate Strawberry 294yen

     These are Muji curry, which is very poplar in Japan. Because of so many positive reviews on them, I have purchased some retort pouches of Muji Curry in previous and they were so good.
Muji Curry
        This was our first time to purchase Muji Handmade Nahn. This is powder for making nahn, which everyone can make nahn using easily. He told me that he wanted to try to make nahn together for our first time, and why don't me share it on my blog. :) I will share it with you in the near future. I've just checked their website and many people say it was fun to make nahn with families and friends, and it tasted so good! I am looking forward to making nahn using this.
Muji Handmade Nahn for 200yen

     He chose Muji Green Curry for 300yen this time. It must be super spicy. :)
Muji Green Curry for 300yen

     This is Muji Keema Curry for 300yen. This has also many positive reviews. It is less spicy and good.
Muji Keema Curry for 300yen

       Then, I'm going to share beauty-related Muji products with you.
Muji Haul - Beauty-related

     I requested him only this 400ml bottle of Muji Light Toning Water for 980yen. I have liked Muji toning water for over 15 years. This is number one Muji product for me.

Muji Light Toning Water 400ml for 980yen

     Because I like Muji aroma diffuser, he chose this set of two essential oil for 1000yen. As you may know Muji essential oil is high quality but slightly pricey. This set was limited edition which offer Muji essential oil at reasonable price. He bought three sets just in case some people want to try them.  :)
Muji Essential Oil Set for 1000yen each set
     This is a set of Grapefruit and Citronella Essential Oil. Each bottle contains 10ml of oil.
A Set of Muji Grapefruit Essential Oil 10ml & Citronella Essential Oil 10ml


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