Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tokyo Otona Kitty - Hello Kitty Free Bonus from Maquia Beauty Magazine

         As I mentioned in my previous entry, 5 Japanese Beauty and Fashion Magazines - Attractive Freebies!, many Japanese magazines including beauty and fashion magazines have very attractive free gifts which look more expensive than magazines.

         Maquia is a Japanese beauty magazine, and its November 2017 Issue (680 yen) includes a TOKYOOTONAKITTY makeup pouch and some beauty samples! If you are a Hello Kitty lover, you might want to get this magazine. Maquia November 2017 Issue will be selling at bookstores and convenience stores in Japan from September 23.
Maquia November 2017 Issue

       TOKYOOTONAKITTY, Tokyo Otona Kitty, is a new Hello Kitty brand created by Tokyo Girl's Collection and Sanrio. While Hello Kitty is kawaii, cute and is mainly loved by women in their 10s, TOKYOOTONAKITTY is chic, stylish and is more appropriate to adult women. By the way, otona (大人) means adult in Japanese. :)   
Maquia November 2017
        You can get this TOKYOOTONAKITTY makeup pouch with purchasing Maquia November 2017 Issue.
Maquia November 2017

     I thought this Hello Kitty bow figured charm is really cute. :)  
Maquia November 2017

       Maquia November 2017 Issue also includes ETVOS moisturizing lotion, serum and Mineral Clear Lip & Cheek, Ayura Rhythm Concentrate and Cocon Super Nutrition Hair Oil.
ETVOS Moisturizing Lotion, Serum and Mineral Clear Lip & Cheek

Ayura Rhythm Concentrate (6 time worth)

Cocon Super Nutrition Hair Oil

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