Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Start Over Once Again

     Yesterday, I commuted to the school from my home for the first time. I would stay in a motel for three nights a week for four months in order to save my time, but after staying at a motel for my first week, I realized that staying there didn't save my time. I needed to prepare a lot of my stuff, so it made me busier. In addition, staying at the motel was inconvenient because I needed to print out for a lot of my assignments through online and eat out every meal. That's why I finally decided to commute to the school from my home. However, as I expected, it was too far away from my home, and I was tired to drive on Highway for two hours each way. Eventually, I dropped out of the class last night. :P I thought that the school had the best refresher course in Southern California, but I will find another school, where I can commute from my home. I need to start over once again.

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