Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Las Vegas Travel Day 2 - Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Hotel

      On January 2, it was our second day of our New Year's travel in Las Vegas. It was a beautiful sunny day. We looked down from the windows of our room and were able to see beautiful scenery there.
     Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Hotel has many pools and Jacuzzis.

     We were able to see Red Rock Canyon from the window.

     As soon as we got ready, we headed toward Feast Buffet, which is a restaurant located inside our hotel. There were long lines in front of the restaurant. We usually avoid waiting for long lines but decided to try the restaurant because we knew that it had many good reviews. We probably waited for it for thirty minutes or so. It cost about $12 per person. We were starving and were looking forward trying their buffet. There were amazing variety of foods we could choose from, but we were really disappointed in all of them. :( These were not fresh and had cheap taste. Specifically, their sushi was not fresh and its rice was dry. I know that it was cheap buffet but wasn't worth what we paid for.

     After that, we went to the pool area and lay down on the comfortable bed under the sun. Because it was very comfortable to spend with the sun, we were about to fall asleep there. :) Their pool area was very beautiful, and I wish I could spend more time there for the rest of the day.

     Then, we went to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We enjoyed the spectacular scenery while driving there. Some people were rock climbing there.

     After that, we headed toward the Strip to drive through the street. We saw many gorgeous beautiful hotels from our car.

      After coming back to our hotel, we were in a hurry to go to their fitness center because we were not able to make it previous day. We finally worked out at the gym. Their gym was pretty good. Even though it was not spacious, it had enough number of fitness equipments. A bottle of water and a towel were placed on each fitness machine. We enjoyed working out there.

     After that, we had supper at their food court. We chose burrito at Rubio's and Chinese foods at Panda Express. We thought these were much better than their buffet which we ate for lunch. :P

     Then, we went to casino and played poker games and roulette. I luckily won about $17 there again. :)

     I've updated these videos on my Youtube channel.

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