Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have Confidence in What I Do

     Today was the third day of my refresher course. Because I was staying at home and spoke Japanese mostly for the past six months, it's difficult for me to speak English in class now. Furthermore, I was nervous that I couldn't perfectly understand during the class. Yesterday, I didn't think I would keep up with my class. However, my classmates told me that even though English is my second language, I can speak, read and do quizzes in English well at the class. It's not easy for everyone to pass NCLEX in your second language, so I should have confidence in myself. That has been my biggest problem that I often feel that I'm inferior because of my English since I moved to the U.S. When I feel like that, it is very difficult for me to keep moving forward for my self motivation. Today, my classmates encouraged me a lot, so I am able to have confidence in myself somewhat now. I'll keep doing my best!
     I am happy to study with many RNs now. :)

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